Lola’s story

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This is Lola. She is a 4 pound peanut who saved my life. And now I am trying to save hers.

She came to me in a very black time when I could not go on, a tiny pup about the size of an apple. But in that tiny fur baby existed a propensity for love that I could never have imagined existed. Our bond was immediate and in-explainable. We have had 7 wonderful years together and been through a lot of ups and downs, changes and re directions. But always , the loving bond was a constant and has kept me grounded. Kept me sane.She is my friend, my companion, my baby.

Today we face a new test. Lola has had a seemingly benign lump on her rear leg for almost three years. Nothing more than an oddity and slight annoyance. A Lipoma according to her vet.  This past year though the lump began to grow. Fast. Multiple trips to multiple vets . Always the same assurance that it was benign but still unable to be removed safely because of the vascularization. They feared she would bleed out. So we lived with it. She adjusted her ways of lying down and getting comfortable. I bought stairs so she could easily get in bed since jumping was no longer possible. Sure it looked weird- like an oversized scrotum. But she seemed healthy, and happy and only slightly annoyed. Then over the last couple months the lump inexplicably doubled in size. Then doubled again. Now its a sack… a heavy gross sack dragging behind her as she walks. I finally found a vet, a WONDERFUL vet who is willing to take on the challenge. Unfortunately she will not be able to save the leg. Thus begins our journey into tri-pawdness. Of course I’m sure in the long run she will feel much better. But it’s still…heartbreaking.  I’m going to miss watching her toodle up the stairs ..(the cutest thing you’ve ever seen).  doot doot doot… I’m going to miss painting her ticklish little toes. I am going to miss her “happy dance” when mommy comes home and her “happy hops” when it’s snuggle-night-night time. I guess I’m freaking out. Just a little.


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3 thoughts on “Lola’s story”

  1. Welcome and thank you for sharing Lola’s story. Once that pain is gone, you will likely see that happy dance again soon. And there will be plenty of Happy Hops!

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  2. Hello and welcome. I’m sorry you are facing surgery but don’t give up on those happy hops just yet! Sure, things will be different but they don’t have to be sad. When my Pug Maggie lost a back leg to mast cell cancer I was mourning all the things she couldn’t do anymore. But while I was grumpy Maggie was busy figuring out how to do the things she wanted to do! She was just as happy and just as stubborn (actually more stubborn!) than before she lost her leg. Mag was around 17 pounds and couldn’t go upstairs anymore but she could go down. My current rear amp Tripawd Elly is around 15.5 pounds and she flies up and down the stairs! Elly lost her leg at 7 months old after being hit by a car. Elly is a Pug-mutt, including 20ish % Chi.
    I’ve actually met a little 6 pound Chi who lost a back leg, she gets around just fine!
    Your super tight bond with Lola will only get stronger as you go forward.

    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

  3. Oh no! I’m really sorry that Lola has this icky growth but thank dog you found the right vet. Please keep us posted on how things are going. We are cheering you on!

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